The Skaneateles Youth Soccer Organization (SYSO), is a recreational soccer league dedicated to teaching the game of soccer to both girls and boys from ages 4 - 12. The focus of our league is on learning and having fun. We strive to give players equal play
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My Sample Practice Plan:  45 minutes


  • Warm up shoot on net and dribble around, Coach set up 10 yard X 10 Yard box while kids arrive.
  • Bring kids in do a quick greeting/attendance, remind them that when coach says ball control they stop what their doing and put their foot on top of the ball.  Also go over highpoints from last practice or game and things you will be working on, ie throw-ins, passing,  etc.

Warm up drills

  • Dribbling in small box, moving with the ball, changing direction & speed.  Stopping when coach says “Ball Control”.  Have fun with it calling out body part to put on the ball, ie Knee, elbow etc.
  • Math dribbling in a small box calling out a number and they quickly have to form that number, ie 2 find a partner, 3-form a group of 3 ….all with ball control
  • Knockout with ball taps- in a box they try to knock the other players out of box while keeping their ball.  If a players ball gets knocked out they do 5 toe touches on top of ball

Main Activity ( usually focus on passing & shooting)

  • Dribble around cones & shoot
  • 2 lines kids dribble in and shoot
  • Same 2 lines this time coach stands in middle and players passes to coach first, coach passes off to side and player shoots on goal in stride.
  • Put down 2 rows of cones about 5 yards apart on each side of field, kids then pass back and forth across cones, always staying to the outside of the cones.
  • Small 5 foot x 5 foot square out in front of goal, 2 lines 1 on side one in center of field.  Player on side passes to the inside of the 5x5 square, player in the middle kicks pass into goal
  • Scrimmage with orange cones as goal across the short side of the field.  No face offs just throw the ball back into play.  Work on game thoughts and positioning as well as throw-ins.


End Practice


Bring player and parents if you can together, remind them of next practice or game.   Tell them Great Job and each player put ball in bag before they leave.